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West Hollywood Admissions Application(12WK,1Y,2Y)
WH Adult Short-Term Intensive App/Registration
West Hollywood Young Actors K-12(YAS) Application
*Note* The online portal registration does not accept international phone numbers or postal codes. Please use 111-111-1111 (phone) and 11111 (postal code). The application form does accept international data.
All applicants are encouraged to submit their applications prior to the application deadlines. Application deadlines are set in order to allow sufficient time to process applications and for international applicants to obtain their required M-1 student visa for study.
Please note that for the 2-Week West Hollywood Intensive programs and the Young Actors at Strasberg programs, there is no set application deadline; however the program closes when it reaches maximum capacity.
Please note if applying for the New York campus, the application cannot be completed online. It must be submitted in a hard copy via postal mail to the New York campus. The online application/registration is only available for the West Hollywood campus programs.


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